Saturday, 14 May 2011

Leela’s Friend: Summary

  • Mr Sivasanker hires a new servant called Sidda after his daughter, Leela, approves of him 
  • Leela becomes attached to Sidda more and more every day. Leela made Sidda play games with her, she enjoyed playing teacher with him; this shows role-reversal as Sidda is uneducated
  • One day Leela and Sidda go out shopping and when they return Leela’s mother notices Leela’s gold chain is gone
  • Leela’s mother accuses Sidda of stealing the necklace and threatens to call the police but when she goes out of the room for a second he vanishes into the night
  • That night Leela questions where Sidda is and blames herself and her family
  • A few days late the police catch Sidda and brings him to the household
  • Sidda still denies stealing the chain but they do not believe him and he is taken back to the station
  • A few days later Leela’s mother finds the chain in the tamarind pot and Leela explains she put it in there a few days earlier before Sidda was taken, naïve to the trouble she has caused
  • Her father says he will go down and tell the police that Sidda is innocent but he says he still wouldn’t have a criminal in the house

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