Saturday, 14 May 2011

Games at Twilight: Summary

Set in India, a family of children and a mother, they live in a hot, dry, arid part of the country
  • The children are let out to play at the end of the day, whilst the mother relaxed
  • The heat of the day is portraying death, as the children enter the garden filling the place with fun and noise the garden seems to spring to life.
  • They begin to play hide and seek, leaving to find their hiding places; it becomes quite again, Ravi, one of the youngest children, decides to find the ‘perfect’ hiding spot. Finding it in a shed, he hides throughout the game until all the others have been caught
  • Ravi finally revealed himself to the others reaching ‘Den’ after the game had finished
  • However the other children did not care, they had forgotten him
  • The story concludes when Ravi finally realises how insignificant he is

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