Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Young Couple: Summary

  • Cathy and her newlywed husband Naraian move back to India, his home country
  • At first everything was going well, there life was good and Naraian was looking for a job
  • When Naraian meets up with friends they always talk about how bad their country is run
  • On Sundays they would always go to see Naraian’s family who were rich and lived in a large and extravagantly designed house
  • Cathy did not enjoy these Sundays and Naraian’s parents would offer him a job in the family business which he would refuse
  • Cathy once visited the city bazaar which she enjoyed and the family interrogated her about it
  • One night Cathy and Naraian get into an argument about these questionings and the change in their life since they moved there
  • Things start to go downhill from there, they start to bicker more often and their home life seems to change for the worse
  • This makes Cathy leave the house more often and becomes more rebellious
  • Cathy discovers she is pregnant and this makes things appear better between them, she notices the mausoleum out of her window more often
  • On the Sundays Naraian’s family start to spoil her and have a smug attitude towards her
  • Naraian gets pressured into accepting the offer to work in the family business which makes Cathy miserable and she complains to him, ending in another quarrel
  • Things change once again in their life and Cathy slowly becomes more unhappy
  • Later the family gets a room ready for them, Cathy confronts Naraian about it resulting in another argument
  • “..pointed towards the dome of the mausoleum darkening against a tender flush of a sunset and a formation of birds, wings a-tilt, going round it swift as bats in a flight before plunging down into the trees to settle themselves to sleep.”
  • They make up but Cathy is still unsettled about the house

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